The PPGEISU annually publishes the selection notice for its master’s program. The classes begin in the first academic semester of the following year.

We regularly publish the selection process notice between September and October, and the process itself happens between November and January.

Applications must be submitted exclusively online through Moodle platform.

In the annual notice for the selecting regular students, PPGEISU also offers a number of openings for international students. According to CONSEPE Resolution No. 02/03, the foreign candidate must meet the following requirements:

I – be a citizen of a country that holds a cultural, scientific, and technological cooperation agreement with Brazil;

II – do not hold a Brazilian permanent visa;

III – hold an undergraduate degree;

IV – hold a certificate of proficiency in Portuguese (CELPE-Bras);

V – present a resume generated in the Lattes Platform.

According to Article XIV (Section 14) of the Complementary Rules for Master and Ph.D. Programs at UFBA, openings in courses for the special student modality may be, although not necessarily, offered at the discretion of the program committee and regardless of the regular selection process, and entitled to university credits in case of subsequent approval in the regular selection process.

Considering all UFBA’s units, each student can enroll in up to 04 (four) courses, with a maximum limit of 02 (two) courses per semester. The candidates’ evaluation is performed by the professor in charge of the requested course. The professor in charge also defines the selection criteria, number of openings, date, time, and place of selection.

The application dates and the selection and enrollment results are set in UFBA’s academic calendar. Up to one week before the beginning of applications, the list of courses with their respective schedules and professors, course syllabuses and selection criteria for each course, and the procedures needed to apply will be available on this Program website.

The instructions for enrollment are provided alongside with the publication of the results. Approved candidates are responsible for paying attention to the deadlines and procedures of each phase.

P.S. Special students are not entitled to the public transportation card (Salvador Card) since they have no association with the university but with the course. Therefore, this card is exclusive to regular students.